Dec 22, 2016 3:49PM

Meet The Artist: Antonina Kallaur


On top of being a dope artist Antonina Kallaur is a full-time student who runs a t-shirt label called Kuntslick with her boyfriend. We caught up with the Montreal-based hunni to chat about strong independent ladies, dressing like an oversized child and the stories behind her tats.

Vinna Laudico: How old are you and what do you do?
Antonina Kallaur: I am 20-years-old, currently a student in university, majoring in painting and drawing. Aside from school work my boyfriend and I have a clothing brand by the name of Kuntslick. We print our shirts at home with our own screen and materials. All the drawings used for the designs are my own and we work together to create these rather "trash and DIY" looking clothes. We have plenty of plans and ideas that we want to put out later for further developing the brand, although both of us are full-time students in university so our time is very tight and limited. 

What's the story behind your tats?
I only started getting tattoos a little over a year ago now, my boyfriend would practice on me by doing little stick and pokes. In fact, all of my tattoos are stick and pokes. I tend to pick my ideas spontaneously, and I decide on what I want and the placement based on my aesthetic preferences. None of my tattoos have any strong significant meaning; I just pick stuff that I find fun and amusing to me, they are there for life and I just wanna see stuff that I find aesthetically pleasing to me. I have tried to tattoo myself before, but I don't have that technical skill and patience to do a good job, therefore I just leave it to my boyfriend to do it. I am also very lucky to get tattooed for free and to have such easy access to it.

Who are some girls that inspire you?
The girls around me inspire me a lot. Most of my inspiration comes from other girls I follow online such as big figures Lotta Volkova and Stacey Nishimoto. They inspire me artistically and in life. Looking at such strong and independent women inspires me to be as such in life.

How would you describe your style? 
I tend to describe my style to be that of an "oversized child ". I tend to wear clothes that are either too big or too small for me, mostly due to me always taking clothes from my boyfriend. He has such a good eye for finding good clothes and we both have the same taste, resulting in us sharing a lot together. I can date this way back to primary school where I would wear second-hand uniform clothes that were always too big so I could grow into them with time. I've always enjoyed the freedoms of big and comfy clothes, and having the possibility of layering my clothes. Also with such cold winters here and my tendency of always being cold, I have no choice but to layer for warmth. I pick up pieces here and there, most of the time buying second hand and online. 

Photography: Vinna Laudico

Lucy Jones