Feb 04, 2014 4:26PM

Meet The Model: Astrid @ IMG

Shot by Renee Carey.

Astrid Holler has become an Oyster staple faster than you can say "middle-aged cat called Fluffy," and it's pretty obvious why. She's a striking beauty, she has good skin care advice and she really suits both 90s hip hop and pastel princess attire. Here, contributors Renee Carey and Imogen Wilson shot her and they had a chat. 

Renee Carey: How old are you?
Astrid: 17 years old.
Whats the best thing about being 17? 
I get to do what I want…sometimes.
Who do you live with now and where? 
I live with my parents in the city of Sydney.
If you could live anywhere where would it be and with who? 
I would probably live somewhere on a tropical island with some friends.
What animal is your alter ego? 
A dolphin.
Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber? 
Old or new? 
What is your heritage? 
Croatian and Austrian 
How long have you been modelling for? 
2 and a half years.
Favourite fruit? 
All of them.
No, you have to pick one, it's for a photo! 
Okay, mangos! 
Favourite place to eat out? 
Any pets? 
A cat named Fluffy.
How old is fluffy? 
She's middle aged!
Photography: Renee Carey
Fashion: Imogen Wilson 
Harl & Makeup: Jess Upton
Model: Astrid @ IMG