Feb 20, 2014 4:33PM

Meet the Model: Shanay @ IMG

Shot by David Mandelberg.

Britt McCamey: You were born in Perth, lived in Sydney then NYC and are now based in Berlin. Where is your favourite place to live and why?
Shanay Hall: Well they are all so different! It depends what stage you are at in life! Right now I want nature and inspiration so Berlin is perfect for me. It has the urban city feel without being too hectic like New York. New York is dirty, grimy, crazy, exciting and fun.

Berlin must be freezing right now! What are your winter essentials?
Good thermals, big thick scarf, a boyfriend, flask, jojoba lip balm, rose hip face cream, hand cream, lemon and ginger, a good army jacket with insulation and alpaca socks. You have to have the alpaca socks!

How did you get into modeling?
I got discovered when I was 14 at a Hoyts cinema with my family. A lady approached me and said "There is something about you.." so I went for an interview and boom! It was exciting and fun — traveling when you're so young. I was only 15, clueless and innocent. 

What have your career highlights been so far?
Traveling to amazing places, being on covers of magazines, riding an elephant in India, holding a eagle while shooting with a swimwear label. I met with Steven Meisel in New York when I was young, he was amazing. The only downside is being away from my family and friends in Australia. Oh, and the last minute calls from your agent saying you have to be there "Now!" I'm a planner.

Who inspires you?
Lots of people! My Mum, my boyfriend and our daughter. Ina May Gaskin. Robin Lim, people on the street. My list is endless.

Current Fashion Obsession?
The recent Chanel show in Paris with the long white dresses and sneakers! Skirts and sneakers all the way!

Fashion Idol?
Nico from The Velvet Underground and anyone from the 90's that wore a leopard hat and floral dress with a choker! I like to dress really 90s. Black high waisted or baggy boyfriend jeans with my Rolex and vintage butterfly t-shirts. ManiaMania for accessories. I have almost everything they've made. I love them.

You always smell so good! What’s your favourite smell?
Patchouli and burning wood. The scent of a fire when it stays in your hair and clothes the next day.

Nay-nay, Shanizzle, Nays, Shananay.

Biggest Peeve?
Littering, people not picking their dog poop up and grown ups wearing leg warmers. 

Favourite movie?
Tampopo! I'm obsessed with this movie. It's a Japanese film subtitled in English. Tampopo is in search of the perfect Udon! It's so beautiful and innocent. 

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Once I attempted to do a burnout in my mums V8 Holden. My sister who was in the car was teasing me because I said I wouldn't do it so she called me a pussy! There was a car full of babes behind us. I turned on a little too much gas and spun out of control. I nearly went into a house but with my ultimate steering skills I managed to keep it on the road! We looked at each other in shock and then started laughing because we where so close to crashing! The little skid marks are still there today.

What's next for you?
My boyfriend and I are renovating our house here in Berlin! I'm still modeling , and may head back to NYC this year. We will be in Australia in August — my baby sister is having her own baby! I'm also going back to school in May to become a Doula so exciting times ahead this year. It's the year of the Horse so you just gotta run and go with it.


Photography: David Mandelberg @ The Artist Group
Fashion & Words: Britt McCamey
Makeup: Carolina Dali @ See Management
Hair: Andrew Fitzsimons @ ABTP
Model: Shanay @ IMG