Mar 03, 2014 6:21PM

Mood Boards: POMS 'Rotondo'

Round things.
POMS' compact bundles of pastel fluff, dangling from the ears of certain excellent girls, packed a significant punch last season. POMS' designer Adriana Giuffrida has only built on her past glory with new collection 'Rotondo.' This time around, she's pushed the quintessential pompoms into a denser, more sizeable zone and summoned a more hardcore colour palette (read: good riddance soft pastels, hello bright balls of fun.) Necklaces, leather cuffs, studs and chokers also house the pompoms, and if you're into precious stones, those feature too. Because she's as generous as she is sick at jewellery stuff, she shared her mood board for the collection and disclosed her wants and whims in designing 'Rotondo.' 
Jerico Mandybur: What is this collection about and what are its inspirations?
Adriana Giuffrida: Rotondo was an interesting collection for me to design because I was designing whilst pregnant with my first baby. I was really inspired by the roundness of everything, considering I was so round! It was a really happy collection channeling the joy I was feeling from being pregnant as well. I was also going back to the essence of what a pom pom is. It can be quite a graphic element when you look at it as a decorative spot on the body.
Can you talk us through the design process for the range?
I started thinking about colours and stones for the collection quite early, I wanted the range to be joyful and colour is really important for that. I began focusing on the fluffy pom pom pieces, as these work well in colour and I wanted to expand on this side of the collection. From there I worked with wax on some round metal pieces, and it just seemed to grow.
What can you tell us about your mood board?
This mood board is very playful and colourful, which is very different from my last collection BAZAAR, which was quite dark and moody. I wanted to convey this mood with images that reminded me of being a kid, having fun, laughing at yourself and being naive.
What's your sense of how your inspiration and ideas are understood by others?
I think I'm lucky with this collection, as the mood behind it is light and I think the jewellery, especially the pom pom pieces easily convey that message.
Is there a muse, era or medium you find yourself frequently channeling?
If I had to pick an era that I'm constantly drawn to, its definitely the 90s. Clueless, Corinne Day x Kate Moss and Winona — you can't get much better than that for inspiration.
If this mood board was a sentence, what would it say?
"Fun is good" — Dr. Seuss.
Introduction: Melissa Kenny
Interview: Jerico Mandybur