Sep 22, 2015 4:20PM

#neverforget Australia Edition: Amazing Afternoon TV

Who dares wins.

It's time to delve in to the darkest depths of our love to hate-watch memories and retrieve the media we consumed during after school snack sessions that we hoped would never end. We admit that most of these shows actually suck but the distraction they provided from our hard lives of having to do homework and eat broccoli was so great that we'll #neverforget them.

Not to be confused with tragic teen TV, these are the programs that taught us how to cook, survive obstacle courses and overcome our fears. 

Who Dares Wins
This was a cracker of a show that took us on wild adventures around the country in the penultimate example of do-not-try-this-at-home television at its best. Hosts Mike Whitney and Tania Zaetta were/are true Aussie legends with hearts of gold and good sense of humour for days.

The dares often involved very Australian things like swimming with sharks and dirt bike challenges. Plus, the true blue stories of every contestant could charm your socks off. Take this episode where a dad puts his daughter up for a dare because she shaved his eyebrow off while he was sleeping.
TBH the highlight was probably the piss weak shopping centre challenges. Check those hair styles.
These days, Mike Whitney is the lead singer of a band called The Mike Whitney Band, they play covers and are lords.

It's pretty amazing that A*mazing was the name of a show prior to the existence of MSN Messenger. This show had us yelling at the TV erryday because we knew that if given the chance we'd kill the course… Still waiting. James Sherry's sweet outfits and willingness to be mean to kids was the best thing about the show, other than fantastic bogan names and even better life goals (see: Krystal, who wants to grow up to be Michael Jordan).
This first kid is a genius.

Huey's Cooking Adventures
Iain "Huey" Hewitson, you charming, one of a kind man, from egg and bacon pies to chargrilled vegetable pies, you really taught us how to cook like a good honest Australian, frozen pastry and all. Your vegetable suspenders were also the accessory of the century.
Also, lol! Someone tried to make a 'Nigella Talks Dirty' compilation starring Huey. Warning: you can't un-see this.
Mr. Squiggle
Couldn't not mention this iconic show just in case anyone forgot how scary the OG Mr. Squiggle was…
He did get a bit more normal though.

This was definitely the gnarliest game some of ever — those outfits, those tanned bods and general hecticness of the challenges are simply untoppable.
Feral TV
This crew of aspirational animals were our childhood, especially considering one of our uncles had a starring role as Darren the stoner dog. Claim to fame 4 eva. This episode dedicated to dodgy stuff is testament to terrifying greatness of this classic.
We also used the following phrase in answer to everything for a good few months.
PS: We all know everyone's favourite show was really Passions even though it lacked those 'straya vibes, it had absolutely everything else including hell in a closet, a talking doll and heaps of pashing.

Dat theme song tho.

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