Oct 12, 2015 5:40PM

#neverforget Trend Edition: Stylin' Surf Brands

Roxy or GTFO.

Today's episode of #neverforget is brought to you by some of the greatest brands ever to grace the shelves of Surf Dive 'N' Ski, City Beach or your local shopping centre's equivalent.

These guys are responsible for defining our style as we entered the extremely awkward period between years five and years eight. During this time our yearly identity crises — surfer chick, skater girl, beach princess, etc. — were sustained by several surf brands' ability to achieve the look.

At long last, it's our great pleasure to give something back to the iconic labels that gave us so much. Thanks for being the frangipani to our shell necklace and the Billabong boardshorts to our Billabong rashie.

Good old Roxy was THE one for girly beach staples with a sporty edge. Our love for the Roxy remained strong from our first hotmail addy (beachbabe_13@hotmail.com or similar) to our Blue Crush obsession and subsequent failed surfing career.

The male counterpart to our summer steez, it was important that we knew that Quicksilver was the number one brand on the marketplace for our "crushes" (as Dolly would refer to them as).

Another strong contender for top surf brand status was Billabong because:


We were defs guilty of this one:

PS. Young James Franco tho. 

Rip Curl
Dat logo design.

Bad Boy/Bad Girl
ULTIMATE. If anyone knows where a girl can get some Bad Boy or Bad Girl products, holler. 

Paul Frank
So it's not a traditional surf brand, but Paul Frank was one of the most desirable things in the surf shop so it makes it in. Idk what it was about that big-mouthed monkey but we wanted it.

Hot Tuna
Hot Tuna was more our dads' vibe but we've come to appreciate how wonderful it is. Hot hot hot!! 

Volcom was about as tight as it comes circa our skate and surf interests colliding.

Simply classic.

Von Dutch
This one also falls into the "things we were wearing at the time" category, because it was at the top of our list when it came to what we wanted to wear on top of our heads. Shout out to Paris, Nicole and Britney for pioneering this one.

Pass that dutch.

While the Von Dutch sorted us out in the hat department, Etnies kept our feet extra fresh. The bigger the better, obviously.

SMP gets an honourable mention because of the immature lols its potential meaning produced. Tehehe.

Can we just conclude by saying we'd seriously fully wear most of these things today. #neverforget

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr and Courtesy

Lucy Jones