May 04, 2016 8:07PM

#neverforget Trend Edition: Tragic Mid-00s School Formal Looks

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).
It's so harsh that anyone had to decide their school formal look without the style assistance of Tumblr or well-stocked Google image bank. But that's the mid-00s for you: someone's idea of a cruel joke.
And aside from the fact that most schools never had the ability to produce something as grandiose as an American movie's prom night, we also didn't have actual paid stylists — so what we were left with was bobby pins falling out of our curly buns and onto the ratchet floor of the local bowling/sailing club. Surrounded by a few hundred kids who were sporting at least six of these essential trends:
Unresolved hairstyles 
These usually involved curls with straightened fringes, or swept fringes with the other side slicked back via a comb/clip, those twists back into a 'curly bun', glammed up with diamanté versions of your fav hair accessory such as butterfly clips or those mini springs. 
Cowl neck dresses
Ok to be fair these things have continued to be sexy since the 90s, but only on the likes of young Kate Moss. Chuck one over a pimply 17 year-old who has been self-conscious about her incoming boobies for three years and you've got yourself a problem.
Wanting to wear that puff dress and t shirt from 10 Things
Seriously the only thing that stood between you and looking this goddamn fab was your mum who wanted you to look more like Audrey Hepburn — which was just as lame then as it is now.
Boys in the classic black shirt white tie combo
OMG. Honestly who do you think you are? Some kind of dice throwing gangster from the 20s? Because you honestly look like the caterers.
Boys who wore coloured suits
Ok who told anyone this was a good idea? A: you have completely thrown off the look/colour scheme of your date. She wore a dusty mauve dress with gold flecks and white accessories. Here you are looking like The Mask in a buttercup yellow suit. B: also her dad thinks you're a knob. Somebody seriously should have stopped you.
Boys who saw Jet wear Havaianas at the ARIAS and copied
Cool guy. Defs got "CHILLAX" written on the back of his jersey. Not so chill in those plugs once it came time to stomp out The Nutbush on the DF.
The smokey eye
Why did we demand to have make up that was intended for someone ten years older applied to out youthful faces? Where was the dewy trend when we needed it/could pull it off most?
Really bad French gel tips
Legit the only positive thing that came from this disaster was how much fun you had four weeks later picking them off.
Shout outs if you got your toes done too.
Bonus afterparty trend: weird top that was sort of a dress over jeans
The look that defined a generation of UDL/Smirnoff black drinkers! Egged on by the style icon of the time, Mischa Barton, this pairing was everything. The ruching, the sequin trim, the strappy metallic kitten heels you wore with it. Everything.
Photos and GIFs: Tumblr,, ASOS

Hayley Morgan