Jan 07, 2017 2:16AM

#neverforget TV Edition: Why Cook From 'Skins' Is The Ultimate Dream Boi

Cooky <3
While Nicholas Hoult's Tony probably provided much teen lusting in the late 00's (and onwards to be fair), by season three of Skins we were introduced to someone who was to become our compass on sensitive male brilliance — James Cook.
A true bad boi to begin with, we mostly saw positives in the cool way he smokes. Kinda disregarding the darts/joints the way he did women.
He always had true love for his fam.
Also he was v wise, like our high school english syllabus.
He really knew how to say "I love you" with his whole damn face.
That rig too tho.
Also not afraid of shots on the first date.
And then came the breakdown.
During which he held back no emotions.
And came to some dark realisations. 
Which lead to some v adult truths.
And some super sweet self-honesty.
He really knew how to make the most of being caught in the rain.
And, like all good men, he knew how to vanish off into the horizon.
He wasn't afraid to talk about his dreams.
As an advice-giver and user of metaphors, he was very successful.
But, ultimately, he was the ultimate dream boy because:
Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan