Dec 01, 2012 1:00PM

New York Diary: Alexis Dahan Exhibition Opening

Our correspondent Gillian Sagansky attends the French photographer's show at Half Gallery.
Alexis Dahan and Gillian Sagansky

On Tuesday night, Parisian artist Alexis Dahan opened his first solo show, 'The Lover's Body Parts Are Separated', at Half Gallery onthe Lower East Side in collaboration with W magazine and RxArt. The body of work originated when the artist began to see the creases of his lover's body as a series of lines and shapes that would change according to her natural bodily movements. He used photography to extract and preserve these fleeting forms and creases that consumed her corporal landscape.

In these photographs, he allows the viewer to see his lover as he sees her — as a series of abstract lines and shapes. While the delicate lines that bisect the picture plane are lifelike and animated, they are also fragile and transient, echoing the ephemeral and transformative nature of bodily creases.

Gillian Sagansky