Nov 20, 2013 2:44PM

Niko Da Ikon x John Kilar

Hanging out with the smooth operator in Santa Monica.

Niko Da Ikon is a freaking legend. The singer and LA Casanova known for his sweet directing (along with buddy Tierney Finster) and even sweeter vocal skills makes videos that are funny and songs that are legitimately sexy as fuck. He's just won a DIS Magazine -hosted 'DIScrit 89plus' grant, worth ten thousand big ones, to expand the artwork that is 'Can We Talk' into a 3-part trilogy for the Rebaudengo Serpentine exhibition in Turin, Italy.

As this is a pretty BFD, the artist/nomad and friend of Oyster, John Kilar caught up with Niko for a shoot in Santa Monica. Here's a run-down from Mr. Kilar himself.
"Niko and I have been crossing paths on different dance floors and parties for years. We met up and headed to the Santa Monica to vibe and take a few photos. Hung out by the Pier before hitting up the arcade. We eventually headed to my friend Mona's studio, which is probably the ultimate hidden gem in Venice. Some old dude with a parrot spent a good hour and a half trying to fix a fetish cage that Niko could lurk up high in it. Good times!" 
Photos: John Kilar