Lana Del Rey Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album 'Honeymoon'

That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets.

Ben Simpson's Weekend Collage

Testing out the Canon PowerShot S120 for Oyster.

Meet The Model: Jamilla @ Women Management Paris

Her friends liken her to Sid from 'Ice Age'.

Rihanna Promotes Puma Via Her Booty

Wins best brand ambassador award.

Tame Impala's New Album Is Coming!

It's called LP3 and it's due out this year.

Look At All These Hip Hop Emojis

Double cup with my top down.

Mac DeMarco's Smelly Shoes Sell For $21,000

With proceeds going to a rock camp for girls.

CNN's Doomsday Video Leaks Online

HFR till end of the world confirmed.

Oyster Playlist: Kali's 'Summer Dance' DNA Mix

Get your ears in the mood for Oyster x Astral People's al fresco party.

'From Her To Eternity' Shot By Tamara Dean

"Walking barefoot across the floorboards."

Oyster Playlist: Pelvis x Noise In My Head's NYE

From Crimes of the Future's Scott Fraser.

Top 10: Soundtrack To Summer Fashions

Channel a young Mariah.

Exclusive: Watch POMS x Pared x Banoffee

See the 'GATTO' SS15 collection.

Oyster Beauty: 'Summer Skin' Shot By Akila Berjaoui

SHOP our hot weather skincare essentials!

The #CîrocSummer Photo Diaries Winners!

The Cîroc Collective prizes announced. Did you win?

Manspreaders Caught On Tape, Spreading

Plus #MeninistTwitter got hijacked by people being serious.

Xmas With UV Boi فوق بنفسجي [A Playlist]

He's playing at Xmas Weekender this weekend!

Azealia Banks Explains Her Iggy Beef In Detail

Talks about the 'cultural smudging' in the industry.

Oyster Mix: P.A.M. Launch New Site & Store

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