Feb 18, 2014 11:55AM

Opening Ceremony x René Magritte

Surrealism in London.
After presenting their (chocolatey delicious) AW14 collection in New York just last week, Opening Ceremony have released a new René Magritte-inspired collection in London. The line uses 12 images from the surrealist painter's catalogue, full of "everyday objects that shriek aloud," as he put it — and placed the prints on ready-to-wear pieces as well as footwear, made in collaboration with Birkenstocks, Vans and Manolo Blahnik.
Referenced works include that slightly discomforting floating face from Scheherezade (1950) the glass of water on an umbrella in Hegel's Holiday (1958 and 1959) and that couple making out through white sheets in The Lovers (1928). 
Designed in collaboration with the Magritte Foundation, the OC women's and men's collection includes embellished elements like pearls, but they don't overpower the artwork or damage its meaning. Fashion and surrealist art have always been bosom buddies — they both love to merge the ordinary with the abstract, and both have a sense of humour. Way to carry on the tradition, Humberto and Carol