Jan 18, 2011 12:00AM

Oyster #90: Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta on Steve Buscemi's lips, her film trilogy and serving lawsuits.

If you haven't heard of Paz de la Huerta, you're about to. Though her film career to date has been prolific - roles in movies such as Enter the Void, The Limits of Control and Choke have made her an unequivocal indie favourite for audiences and directors alike, it's her most recent role as the sultry courtesan Lucy, in Martin Scorsese's HBO series Boardwalk Empire, that will bring her to your full attention. On a cold and grey New York day, I met with Paz at her local coffee shop in downtown Tribeca, and unfortunately, she had a touch of the sniffles. I say unfortunately because a) the sniffles suck and b) this being the LOVE LIFE issue, I was looking forward to prying into hers. Which, according to Wikipedia, has been very colourful - she's been romantically linked to Orlando Bloom, Jack Nicholson and Scott Weiland. But grilling an ailing woman, an ailing Spanish woman at that, with questions about her private life seemed perfectly inappropriate.