Feb 09, 2011 12:00AM

Oyster #91 Out Now!

Lara Bingle, Andrej Pejic, Fashion East, Ryan McGinley, Emma Balfour. DJ Harvey, Blonde Redhead and more!

LOOK! TWO COVERS! Issue 91 of Oyster is out right this very second! But you'll have to make a decision first, because Lara Bingle is featured on two different covers. Photographers Stephen Ward and Georges Antoni have offered their different interpretations of the somewhat controversial 'It girl' with whom Australia entertains a love/hate relationship.

London contributor Lauren Cochrane talks to Lulu Kennedy, aka the 'fairy godmother of London fashion' and the woman behind Fashion East. Amy Kellner revisits Ryan McGinley eight years after she first interviewed him for Oyster, and speaks with him about how his life has changed since then. Plus, an interview with Andrej Pejic reveals that he is much more than just a pretty face.

Also, Oyster talks with Kazu Makino of prolific experimental band Blonde Redhead, a stoned DJ Harvey discusses Skype sex and the future of DJing and Ariane Halls contemplates the musical phenomenon that is 'Big In Japan'.

Also in this issue: Emma Balfour, Ohne Titel, Myf Shepherd, Max Blagg AND alternate paper stocks! How exciting. Here is a video we made to celebrate (to celebrate the whole magazine, that is. Not just the alternating paper stocks):

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