Dec 09, 2015 4:04PM

Oyster D&M: Photographer Byron Spencer & Make-Up Artist Colette Miller

Collage drop-outs.

Our good pals Byron Spencer and Colette Miller teamed up to create some cool collages for Oyster #107: The Romantics. In the name of friendship, and contacting your school books, we asked the photographer and make-up artist (who are also good mates) to have a Skype chat about how they met and what they were like in high school. Get a load of their lol convo below.

Byron: Do you remember how we first met?

Colette: Lol, I think on a shoot? How unlikely. What was your first impression of me?

Byron: I thought you were sexy, I was intrigued. What's your favourite project that we've worked on together?

Colette: That time you photographed me in a gimp mask and made my lips nearly explode out of it. Living the dream self. If you weren't taking photos, what other passions would you be pursuing?

Byron: I think about this every day, but only because there is lots more I want to do. Maybe doing music and playing my flute or converting an old Italian villa like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun… Did you use to collage your school books? What did you put on there?

Colette: Yes! I used pictures of bands I liked at the time (emoooo) and doodled obscene things for lols. One day my teacher got so fed up, he deemed it unusable and threw it out the class window to make an example of me. What about you?

Byron: Kinda, but the worst was my pencil cases. I used to write quotes on them, things people in my class would say that were so funny, or rude or sexual and we'd look back and laugh at them. But once I left one of the pencil cases of one term in the library and the old librarian woman found it and sent it to the deputy headmaster's office (it said a lot of rude things about teachers). He was really disappointed in me and I felt terrible and was embarrassed... Still got the pencil cases though to this day.

Colette: I still have mine too, I'll keep it forever. We would play a game called "Would You Rather" and tick yes or no (e.g. eat a turd or a huge pubic hairball) and pass it back and forth in class. Crass.

Byron: If you had to describe me in a sentence, what would you say?

Colette: Mad opera singer, flutist, theatrical and spicy bb of my dreams, lol. What about you?

Bryon: Maybe she's born with it?

Photography: Byron Spencer
Creative Direction: Colette Miller
Make-up: Colette Miller
Hair: Gavin Anesbury

Assistant: Seamus O'Sullivan
Models: Jordan @ Work, Lydia @ Chic, Erin @ Début

Lucy Jones