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Jan 24, 2013 4:53PM

Oyster Fashion: Grace Small x Sonny McCartney

The up-and-coming model (who was just in the Urban Outfitters Europe campaign) is styled wearing her own clothes.

The idea for this shoot came after a lot of planning with the stylist, and my good friend, Gemma Hyslop. We had spoken about collaborating on a shoot together for some time but were at a constant battle with each others availability so after we got our model Grace Small and make up artist Charlie Coler pinned down we planned the shoot in a heartbeat by sending moodboards back and forth in the space of what seemed like an hour (but was a good couple of days).

I wanted to really step this shoot up and not make it like every other shoot in my portfolio, so we set out to create the look of a 90s rough around the edges girl wandering the streets, shot all in black-and-white.

The shoot itself was a bit of a crazy one for me — they day before I had arrived back from Paris after a big job, and was in the process of moving into my new flat. My head was far from clear, but Gemma had already been chatting to Grace and they decided to use all of Grace's own clothes for the shoot, so when I showed up it was pretty much all ready to go. 

Working with everyone involved was such a pleasure, we all had a natural connection and were on the same page. Working with Grace was great as she needed no direction at all, she knew what we wanted to achieve and made it seem effortless. My favourite look from the shoot has to be the indoor smoking shots where you can hardly tell that it's Grace with it being so dark and backlit.

I always shoot on location so I was surprised that we got away without any real drama or problems. In the past I have had a random guy get hit by a bus right next to me when shooting!

I guess the running joke of the day had to be making fun out of me for trying to name drop going to Paris — I deserved it!

Photography: Sonny McCartney
Fashion: Gemma Hyslop
Make Up: Charlie Coler
Model: Grace Small @ Elite Model London

Sonny McCartney