Jul 25, 2013 12:52PM

Oyster Fashion: 'School Daze' Shot by Charlie Brophy

Tessa May hangs out on the streets of Redfern.

Taking to the streets of Sydney's Redfern, Oyster contributor Charlie Brophy shot young gun Tessa May, who we profiled in 'The New Romantics'

Utilising various phases of sunlight and shadow "It has kind of a back-to-school vibe" says Charlie of the shoot. And she's on point — see tartan skirts, super low-slung backpacks and shirts tied 'round the waist à la Heartbreak High. Note how it's primarily vintage and op-shop stuff, because that's how teen life goes. Also note the practised nonchalance, (and perhaps a hint of teen angst).

Oh, to be young. 

Photography: Charlie Brophy
Model: Tessa May @ Priscillas