May 01, 2013 2:56PM

Oyster Fashion: Staz Lindes shot by Ryan Kenny at Coachella

Palm trees, pools, Slurpees and sunshine.

Music festivals and people usually make me nervous, but after a month of living the American Dream I thought I'd continue living on the edge (of glory) and take the opportunity to go to Coachella and shoot Staz. Having never met Staz before (but unintentionally bumping into each other the eve before departure), we headed to the desert.

We danced in a circle pit at Wu-Tang Clan, listened to Sugar Man from side of stage and allowed Tame Impala to blow our minds. Although, the best parts of any trip are the in-between moments. It's all about the journey and not the destination as far as I'm concerned.

Turns out Staz is the best — we've hung out every day since and formed the best rock n roll band since the Stones. No, really.

Thank you Glassons, I will forever miss the palm trees, pools, Slurpees and sunshine. Not to mention those Bloody Marias made with love by Sally, Susan and Barb at the hotel bar.

Photography & Words: Ryan Kenny