Aug 02, 2013 1:11PM

Oyster Fashion: 'Super Tubes' Shot by Caroline Mackintosh

An afternoon in an abandoned Theme Park

Caroline Mackintosh is a photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. Give her a wave and make her feel welcome! It's winter there right now, and the local waterslides are rundown; closed for business. Feeling nostalgic about the brash simplicity of childhood, she posed herself a question.

Question: "How would you spend your day at the Super Tubes if no one was watching or cared?"

So she gathered together some babes, whipped up a lo-fi styling brief (in her words, "90s, sporty, a bit cheap") went to said Super Tubes and they collectively answered it. The result? The images above, shot on four rolls of film. We think they're rather excellent, and we're ready for winter to beat it now so we can play on watersides good and proper. 

Photographer: Caroline Mackintosh
Stylist: Ane´ Strydom
Model: Maxime Thaysen