May 27, 2015 2:42PM

Oyster Playlist: Revisit The 90s With Levins' Essential Alt-Rock Bangers

You did it again.

Get ready to have some major nostalgic feels because old mate Andrew Levins and the crew from Goodgod are here to bring back the 90s in the form of a really good playlist. We asked the The Rhythm of the Night DJs to pick their favourite hits from the decade, so if you know the lyrics to a Regurgitator song, can remember buying CDs, or ever wore Tencel jeans, then this is the mix for you. 

Ammonia — 'You're Not The Only One Who Feels This Way'

"I have faint memories of my brother and I playing this song on nylon string guitars together after hearing it on either triple j or that ad about car crashes and/or avoiding car crashes. It reminds me of my brother, our nation's youth broadcaster and road safety, aka 'the nouveau holy trinity'." — Joyride

Jane's Addiction — 'Been Caught Stealing'

"I thought my favourite 90s alt rock jam was the 'Piracy, It's A Crime' ad but turns out that's from 2004. So instead I will choose another song about stealing stuff. The piracy ad was my favourite because of its important message conveyed through the power of allegory. Jane's Addiction was my favourite because it's empowering, and also because Perry Farrell has the voice of an angel." — Ariane

Regurgitator — 'Polyester Girl'

"I still remember hearing Regurgitator's second album UNIT for the first time. In the back seat of a Tarago, next to my two best mates in year eight, on the way to the newly opened Aquatic Centre to celebrate one of their birthdays. Someone's parent hadn't noticed the 18+ warning sticker on the front of the CD and bought it for us to enjoy considerably more than the shitty wave pools at Homebush. Regurgitator made a film clip for almost every song on this album and I saw them live about 40 times before I finished high school." — Levins

Rage Against the Machine — 'Know Your Enemy'

"This was one of my earliest musical obsessions, typical hyperactive pre-teen angst boiling over with excitement fuelled by Rage Against The Machine's aggressive self-titled first album. You always had to make sure you had the left ear bud when sharing your Mini-Disc™ player on the bus so you could actually hear the guitar solos because they only played out one side. Where did my new found pseudo-activism arise from at the age of 12? Who the fuck knows!" — Chux

Tori Amos — 'Spark'

"My girlfriend in high-school and all her friends had eating disorders, and they all loved Tori Amos. I remember on the day this album was released, one of her friends picked up the copies they had each pre-ordered from the neighbourhood CD shop and we all met at the local primary school that hosted our youth group to collect them, so everyone could go home and listen to it at the same time. It's hard to understand how sincerely and relentlessly dramatic alt-rock was in the 90s if you weren't there. 'Spark' is about Tori waking up and realising she was having a miscarriage, features devastatingly personal lyrics like 'she's convinced she could hold back a glacier / but she couldn’t keep baby alive' sung over an odd time signature, so of course it was released as the album's first single. Later in the record, she sings to her stillborn child an apology for being a bad mother and omg I'm forever glad tattoos weren't a thing when I was a teenager." — Shag

No Doubt — 'Spiderwebs'

"When I was in grade five, a new girl named Samantha started at my school. She had slut strands and Tencel jeans and Cons and we became friends. Then she gave me a copy of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom. After that I wore slut strands and Tencel jeans and Cons and listened to Tragic Kingdom (and Fantasy by Mariah) exclusively for the next year." — babygirl

Kylie Minogue — 'You Did it Again'

"Not even sure you can call something an 'alt jam' if it's made by the Princess of Pop, but it's got a ripper guitar interlude so surely that counts for something? It's been 18 long years and I still haven't settled on my favourite Kylie alter ego from this clip but if I HAD choose it'd be pink tassel-wearing, baseball bat-wielding Cute Kylie for sure." — G Coo

Swoop — 'Apple Eyes'

"When you think about Australian chart-topping alterna-pop-funk-rock, only one band comes to mind: Swoop. This song was inescapable for most of 1995. It sounds like Friday night at the Summer Bay Surf Club. Shane offers to buy you a beer after Sally beats you at a game of pool while Alf complains about the flamin' music being too loud." — Levins

Head to Goodgod this Saturday for its Rhythm of the Night Vivid Party, feat. a hot slab of 90s alt bangers all night long. 

Nadia Bailey