Nov 23, 2012 12:08PM

Paris Diary: Best of the Paris Photo Fair

Featuring Annie Leibovitz, William Eggleston and Robert Mapplethorpe.

It's 'photo month' in Paris at the moment. One of the biggest photo fairs in the world, Paris Photo, was on last weekend  — over 150 galleries exhibited this year. If you have a little bit of spare cash this is where you can pick up a Robert Mapplethorpe, a Herb Ritz or a Helmut Newton for the price of a car. I walked away with a book of images by Luigi Ghiri and a signed copy of Martin Parr's latest book, Atlanta. 

David Lynch was a sort of unofficial curator of the event, and Giorgio Armani was on board as a sponsor for the second consecutive year. Armani held an exhibition called Acqua #2 in a very zen space that featured mesmerizing photographs of water by different photographers. I was instantly transported back to my teenage years and those incredible Acqua di Gio ads that had shots of rolling waves, sandy beaches and men with very defined, tanned torsos. The boyfriend I had when I was 16 used to wear the cologne, but unfortunately that was the only thing he had in common with the dudes in those ads.

Check out the gallery to see the highlights.