Sep 02, 2016 1:59PM

Paris Hilton's First Burning Man Wins The Internet This Week

That's so hot.

Paris Hilton's always amazing Instagram got turned the f**k up this week thanks to the world's most cooked music festival — Burning Man, a-duh. The professional DJ has been letting her freak flag fly high in the Nevada desert this week, filling our feeds and hearts with immeasurable joy.

The lover of creative hashtags has ticked every Burning Man box so far: being a #dustangel, making #spiritsisters and ascending to new levels of consciousness over three short days. (We believe you can fly too girl.) Her platform boot, alien swimsuit and troll doll-inspired fluffy jacket outfit is also the most red hot festival get up we've seen in a minute. Get it, Paris.

The best news? Paris still has three full days of Burning Man to burn through, so you can expect even more fire content coming your way. But first, get yourself up to date on Paris' first Burning Man. Thank you Paris, thank you internet.

Before she'd even left, Paris knew it would be #magic.


Taking off to #BurningMan #LetsDoThis #DragonflyDen

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As soon as she arrived she surrended to the power of the desert. "That's the attitude right there," a bystander says as she backwards rolls out of her first dust angel, leaving no trace at all in the sand.

She burnt some rubber.



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And the times were good.


#GoodTimes at #BurningMan with @BarronHilton @PoppyDelevingne & @CaraDelevingne. #Siblings

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She also legit learnt to fly.

Loved the hell outta her life.

And was reunited with her spirit sis.

Thnks fr th mrs, pls keep 'em coming!

Photos: Twitter, @parishilton

Lucy Jones