Apr 27, 2016 6:04PM

Photo Diary: Gia Coppola & Tracy Antonopoulos' Florida Road Trip

Dolphins, drones and Disneyland.

Multitalented pals Gia Coppola (yup, Sofia's niece) and Tracy Antonopoulus went on a road trip to Florida recently. During their trip the mates stopped by Disneyland, crashed a cheerleading convention, and wore the hell out of some good outfits, and they had the smarts to put it all down on film. 

They also teamed up with stylist Vanna Youngstein and filmmaker Asli Baykal to make a cute short film for Semaine (a curated shopping site that gets some of the coolest girls in the world to share their rad style). Check out the photos Asli took above (with notes by Tracy) and the video they made below! 
Photography: Asli Baykal

Nadia Bailey