Oct 16, 2013 12:01PM

Prada x Damien Hirst 'Entomology' Bags

Insects and a desert installation in Qatar.

Miuccia Prada paired with British artist Damien Hirst on a pop-up juice bar in Qatar and a line of bags earlier in the month. The Prada Oasis and Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy Juice Bar acted as a reinterpretation of Damien's original London 1988 Pharmacy Restaurant project, with this newest installation merging the traditions of a bedouin tent with the modernity and brightness of a pharmacy.

Damien is most renowned for his ambitious, polarising works through the 90s — one such example being 1995's Two Fucking and Two Watching featuring a rotting cow and bull, which was banned to prevent "vomiting among the visitors." Suitably less confronting than that work is the fashion element of the Prada x Damien project — 20 limited edition 'Entomology' Plexiglas bags embellished with bejewelled insects. Proceeds from the unique bags were donated to Reach Out To Asia, an organisation committed to bettering education for children in Asia and the Middle East. Here's how to make pests pretty so that women will carry them around: