Nov 05, 2014 1:13PM

Premiere: New Orleans Rapper Boyfriend's EP

Love your boyfriend.

The lady is a New Orleans-based school teacher by day, but by night, she becomes 'cabaret rap instigator', Boyfriend. Her songs are about about sex, periods and all number of queer behaviour. She wears Grandma cardies, librarian glasses and rollers in her hair. She's great.

When we last spoke to her, she was talking about her pseudonym, saying "Every one feels some type of way about that word! Either you want one or love yours or you're jealous of his. But I'm like, hey y'all…your boyfriend is right here, available 24/7 on the internet, bathing in coins and drinking blood and humping trains and staying oh so faithful."

With a penchant for wink-budge showmanship and a love of rap, Boyfriend has just released the full stream of her EP Love Your Boyfriend and we're premiering it. Woo! Listen to the whole thing below. 

Photos: Akash Rabut