Oct 22, 2013 5:04PM

Q&A: Audrey Grace

A prom-inspired lookbook.

Audrey Grace boutique is a Missippi-founded, New York City-based online boutique that sells a dreamy mixture of vintage and one-off pieces from designers. Designer Jaclyn Bethany's collections have been featured on suitably pink-loving platforms like Lula and Nylon — and now, with the help of photographer and friend Rebekah Campbell, the label named after Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly has just released a new lookbook. We got Jaclyn's thoughts on thrift shopping and prom dresses.

Jerico Mandybur: What led you to setting up a label of vintage/one-off pieces?
Jacyln Bethany: It was a dream of mine when I was growing up. I originally started Audrey Grace as a pop up store in my hometown - Jackson, Mississippi, where I sold a bit of everything: art, designer clothes, vintage pieces and jewellery. Then I had a pop up store in New York City last year which led me to launch online last summer.
How do you source your pieces?
I actually started out on etsy, because I had no idea how to go about buying items for a store. I started contacting sellers that I liked and asking them to make special items for the store. I also travel a great deal. I have found so many amazing pieces and new designers when I was in Australia, France and England. I was able to meet with a lot of them and collaborate in person, which was really cool.
What's the most exciting vintage discovery you've ever made?
I really like the vintage blue mermaid-style nightgown that's featured in this lookbook. It's pretty insane. I also recently bought and shot about five 1950s prom dresses, and a silver vintage dance costume from the 30s, when my friend (and photographer) Eleanor Hardwick took me to Spitafields Market in London. 
Where are you based and where do you sell Audrey Grace?
I am based in New York City and Audrey Grace is sold exclusively online, although I hope to do another pop up very soon, and eventually open a stand alone store. 
What is it about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?
I grew up watching their movies. The sense of whimsy and elegance that both women embodied doesn't really exist anymore. They both totally embraced their femininity in different ways. I find them really inspiring and talented. 
Can you tell us about shooting the lookbook? 
I suggested a bit of a prom theme, and Rebekah (the photographer) built the set. We shot it in the apartment Rebekah was living in at the time. It's pretty amazing and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The clothes were modeled by one of my good friends Kat O'Brien, a beautiful blonde dream and this amazing new face Ellery, who looks straight out of a Sofia Coppola film. 
Any special items from Australia?
I stock a beautiful Melbourne-based designer called Lady Petrova. I also have worked a lot with the lovely illustrator/designer Caitlin Shearer. In New Zealand, I often collaborate with Kelsey Genna (she made the pink tulle skirt with bows in the lookbook). While I was in Australia, I did some vintage shopping too. I would love to go back, it's such an amazing, creative industry there. 
What piece would you find hardest to part with?
Probably the pink tulle skirt or the lavender glitter dress, custom-made by Judith Suer.
Best and worst things about working with pre-loved fashion?
They tend to wrinkle and become damaged much easier than new designer pieces. But they are unique and special, so that's probably the best part about pre-loved fashion.
Song that best describes the collection?
Photographer: Rebekah Campbell
Stylist: Jaclyn Bethany
Makeup: Daniela Shacter @ Workgroup
Hair: Melissa Gesualdo 
Models: Kat @ Wilhelmina and Ellery @ Major