Sep 27, 2014 6:00PM

Rainbow Chan Is The Lisa Simpson Of Retro-Pop [Interview & Fashion]

From Oyster's Down Under Issue.

This shoot appears in Oyster's 20th Anniversary 'Down Under' Issue — out now!

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Rainbow Chan would like you to know that her name is real. "I'm not doing a Lady Gaga," she explains. "A lot of people from Hong Kong, like my parents, take English words they like and turn them into names like 'Mango' and 'Rainbow'. Once this barista confidently wrote 'RAY-BONE' on my coffee lid."

Lately Rainbow has been teaching saxophone for cash while working on her much-anticipated debut LP due out later this year. She describes it as "retro-pop with hints of R&B and Japanese and Chinese post-punkish disco".

"Everything on the album's quite confessional. I guess recently I've gone through a lot of different transitions in my life, lots of changes. I used to be really quite romantic and idealistic and I think now I've grown up a bit. I'm interested in the idea of failure and transience, in finding peace with what you have and who you are."

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Photography: Romain Duquesne
Fashion: Coco Adorjany

Top image: Rainbow Chan wears P.A.M. top