May 04, 2010 12:00AM

Rebel Style

We're a little chummy with the crew from Stolen Girlfriends Club, and if you met them, you'd be pretty jealous of us. Not only are they a blast to hang out with, but the company they keep is ALSO a blast to hang out with, and that's a lot of people to have a blast with. So it was in this spirit that we headed backstage after their show yesterday, where we had a wee chat with Zara Mirkin, the New Zealand star stylist who crossed the waters with the Stolen guys Marc, Luke and Dan.

Oyster: Hi, Zara! Congratulations! So tell us what your role with Stolen is?
Zara Mirkin: I have been their consultant for the past five years and style their shows.

Tell us about this collection?
Well it's all based on rebel beach gangs, so it was all essentially a tough take on beachwear. That's why we brought in the backpacks and everything - to give it that kind of feel. (Ed note: at the Stolen Girlfriends Club show, the models wore backpacks filled with sand, these had little holes at the bottom, so where ever they walked, they trailed beach behind them.)

Tell us about the prints?
It started with a tribal feel, where we brought in some tans and reds, and then we took that vibe into the sportswear, t-shirting, track suits and denim.