Sep 23, 2013 11:36AM

Reed + Rader's 'Brave New World' Fashion Film

Made with the Unreal game engine.

Designers Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader have just proved that the worlds of fashion and gaming are not mutually exclusive — they're actually meant for each other. The innovative duo known as Reed + Rader have just unveiled 'Brave New World' a fashion film made using the Unreal game engine, a program usually used by game developers, but in this case, used to create a creepy carni-world, wherein a bunch of models get to do cool stuff like throw thunderbolts, grow 60 feet high and tight-rope walk metres off the ground —  thanks to the power 3D animation. Featuring models Sophie Sumner, Kelsey Gerry and Aysche Tiefenbrunner, the freaky fantasy stars a supporting cast of scary clowns, telepathic triplets and a shrunken girl in a jar. You know, the usual fashion film plot line. 

As the designers told District MTV, the process of making the film took a whole summer. Pamela says "Those two months of editing were 14 hour days; we lived at our computers," adding, "It's called 'Brave New World' because it really is a brave new direction for us, full of new possibilities." We'll be waiting to see just where that new direction takes the pair. In the mean time, see their other gifs and fash-nimations here.