Aug 30, 2016 6:57AM

Rihanna Didn't Curve Drake, They Kissed On The Mouth And Are 100% In Love

You da one.
Now that we are all 75% done frothing the most off-chops moments of the VMAs, it's time to take a look at a few things from another perspective. A 'few things' being our confusion and conflicting emotions about that Rihanna Drake sitch. A 'new perspective' being that of an iPhone camera lurking in the distance. And since we legit lay awake at night wondering if Drizzy crossed a line or if, in fact, the two are about to elope and have millions of babies, we are so glad the internet has pulled through once again to provide a definitive answer for an urgent concern.
It's love you guys. They absolutely kissed on the mouth!
Here's the curve you thought you saw:
And here is the Golden Globe-worthy evidence of lip 2 lip:
Furthermore, here's the happy couple being bumbling fools:
And then there's this:
We cannot wait to attend the wedding.

Hayley Morgan