Oct 20, 2014 1:12PM

RIP Health Goth: The Trend That Never Was

Dissect / destroy.
The latest despatch from the trenches of our war against naming things outright as trends and thus killing them dead — Marie Claire UK has discovered Health Goth and named it "Weird? Very. Cool? Apparently."
For some background, Health Goth is the name of a Facebook blog created by musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott. Speaking with Complex recently, the pair explained that were simply "attributing a name to describe a feeling that already existed." You know the feeling.
How's does said feeling manifest? Through monochromatic imagery that includes "mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, BioWare, body enhancement tech, prosthetics, shoe dipping, various fashion and performance wear brands, transparent clothing, chains and light weaponry, tactical gear, corporal mortification, and rendered environments." 
Whether it's an aesthetic shift, an articulation of unspoken transhuman ideals, or a scene, Marie Claire wants answer the question "how long is this trend going to stick around. Basically, should I both investing in it?" And after consulting a trend forecasting agency called Trendstop (because irony) they've decided yes, it is worth investing in and yes, that means it's already dead.
RIP to Health Goth being something people wear "at various clubs in downtown Portland, notably at the Club Chemtrail parties," and 'Hello' to Health Goth being the name ascribed to anything black and/or white in women's magazines aimed at 35-49 year olds.