Sep 11, 2013 12:58PM

See Lena Dunham's 'Offensive' Selfie From 2007

Is Our Hero.

Lena Dunham is inarguably hilarious. By all means, try and argue the point — just not with us. 

Outside of the modern-day classic that is Girls, boundless examples of such hilarity can be accessed via her Instagram (where we pulled the above image) or her Twitter, where she is perennially witty and punny and pokes gargantuan amounts of fun at herself while giving no fucks about what you think. Follow her if you' don't already. 

In other news, the lol-inducing legend has taken the laughs to another platform: Miranda July's 'We Think Alone' Project. For those unwise, it's a neat little investigative deal whereby Miranda collects old emails her friends (or would-be friends) have written, and sends them off to anyone in the whole wide internet world who has subscribed to her email list. That includes us! Yesterday, Lena shared an email composed in June 2007 to a love interest of sorts, and while its content is a fun read, it was the photo that made us lose our shit. 

Says Lena, "I used my macbook to take a photo of me in my costume which is pretty offensive and i thought you might appreciate it, being my lover and all. It's like what 50 year olds do to spice up their sex lives." This is the photo:

Ah Lena, you're a picture of brilliance. Whoever continues to argue that women aren't funny has no dice here.