Jan 24, 2013 4:30PM

Oyster Fashion: '48 Hour Party People' by Ryan Kenny Featuring Teresa Oman, Amelia Zadro & Mateja Buila (Pt. 2)

Boiler Room bro-downs!

It always inevitably rains at festivals. Take shelter in the Boiler Room. Chase stop-motion versions of your friends and get lost in a strobe light as it turns from day to night. Sweat, hydrate, sweat. Wear sunglasses inside. Shine on. Cool off. Tune in and drop out.

Photography: Ryan Kenny
Fashion & Direction: Ingrid Kesa & Hayley Morgan
Vibe Wizad: Ashley Chang
Models: Teresa Oman @ The Agency Models, Amelia Zadro @ Priscilla's, Mateja Buila @ Six Wolves, Sam Michael & Panama (signed to Future Classic record label)
Studio: China Heights
See part one here and stay tuned for the final instalment!
Ingrid Kesa & Hayley Morgan