Feb 05, 2016 8:00AM

Solange Calls Out Ignorant New York Times Critic / Music Industry

A couple of years ago, Solange made some pretty valid comments on Twitter about music writers: "Some of these music blogs could actually benefit from hiring people who REALLY understand the culture of R&B to write about R&B." True. 
She continued, "Like you really should know about deep Brandy album cuts before you are giving a 'grade' or a 'score' to any R&B artist." Yep, still valid. 
Somewhere along the line, it seems that New York Times writer Jon Caramanica has responded to her tweets. "The only reason that Solange's success this past year has even been a thing is only because of these same people that she's lambasting," He says in a podcast. "There would be no Solange record if the dude from Grizzly Bear didn't put it out. There would be no Solange interests if all of a sudden people that have not historically been interested in R&B hadn't decided to pay attention to Miguel and The Weeknd and Drake. So you know, first of all, let's talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If I was Solange, I would be a little bit worried about that." Woah. Biting the hand that feeds you. Ok.
Solange, now justifiably pissed, has rolled out a slew of tweets basically telling him to pull his head in. Here they are:


Hayley Morgan