Oct 21, 2015 5:20PM

Studio Visit: Zambesi, Shot By Dan Roberts

Putting in work.

Zambesi put on a pretty impressive show at New Zealand Fashion Week feat. intricate geometric designs and black on black on black. We headed to their studio to get a BTS look at the super sleek AW15 collection and chat to designers Liz Findlay and Dayne Johnston about their process.

Chloe Hill: How are you feeling after your show?
Liz: Exhausted, but really good as well. It's always great to put it together and see it on the runway; you get a better sense of what the collection is all about. We don't start out with mood boards and we don't theme a collection beforehand. We find that when we've got the collection together it actually tells the story.

What was the inspiration for the collection?
Liz: It's never just one thing because you can't really define the collection in that way. It's a little bit eclectic because we have very traditional suiting and then you've got the avant-garde pieces.

Tell us about your studio.
Liz: It's quite inspiring being in a workroom that actually produces garments and where the whole process takes place.
Dayne: And it's incredible the process that you see from a cut garment to a finished garment.

Why is producing your collection in New Zealand so important?
Liz: Because we're not about fast fashion, we're about things that people don't want to give away. It is about desire of course, but it's not about filling out your wardrobe with a whole lot of things that you don't really appreciate.
Dayne: It is difficult to keep producing in New Zealand because the costs are getting higher, but that's the point of difference that we have with Zambesi. I think the customers appreciate it.

How would describe the vibe in your working space?
Dayne: We're lucky to have the space that we do, it's quite rare that you'd have this much space to work in. It always feels like there is a vibe of creativity when you walk in.

Do you work very closely together?
Liz: Very closely, because we look at all the fabrics together, a lot of fabrics cross over from men's to women's.

What are you working on now?
Liz: Having a rest [laughs]. 

Photography: Dan Roberts
Hair & Make-up: Sarika Patel for MAC Cosmetics
Model: Verena @ Red 11

Chloe Hill