Born In 94: 19-Year-Old Writer Alex Kazemi

From Oyster 104: The Exposed Issue.

Born In 94: Actress Ivana Baquero On Fantasy Films

The youngest Goya winner from Oyster #104.

Meet The Model: Marie @ Clyne

Shot by Harriet Were.

Cara Delevingne To Play Mermaid In Peter Pan Film

Also rumoured to have broken up with Michelle Rodriguez.

Listen: Kirin J Callinan Does 'Constant Craving'

With rad Melbourne singer Sophia Brous.

Ellery 'Transcedenta' SS14 Campaign

Featuring Emma Balfour and shot by Holly Blake.

Watch: Brooke Candy 'Opulence'

Directed by Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

'Freaks And Geeks' Creator To Helm New Comedy Series

"This show has been a passion project of mine"

Tavi Gevinson Was On The Simpsons

As a wife and mother!

Kanye West Reportedly Planning A Spoken Word Album

From Slow Jams to poetry slamz?

Russia Wants To Fucking Ban Swearing

In shows, films, plays and at concerts.

Born In 94: Hazel Cills Shot by Olivia Bee

From Oyster #104 — The Exposed Issue.

Private Parts: Necking with Max Blagg

New York's beat poet on clavicles for Oyster #104.

Private Parts: Keeping Abreast With JAMetatone

Talking BOOBS in Oyster #104 — The Exposed Issue.

Private Parts: Tavi Gevinson On Hands

An intimate exploration of the human body by our favourite writers from Oyster 104: The Exposed Issue — on sale now.

House of Holland Summer 14

"Wear them with everything, wear them with nothing."

British Pathé Uploads 85,000 Films On YouTube

And so disappears your contact with the outside world.

HBO's Girls Gets New Characters

Meet Chandra and this other guy.

A Chinese Firm Is 3D Printing Houses For 5K

Made out of construction waste.

Virgil Abloh's First Women's Collection For OFF-WHITE

Fall/Winter 2014 via Barcelona architecture.

Jem And The Holograms Movie Casting Revealed

Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous.

Lorde, Grimes & Iggy Azalea Call Out Music Media

They're not caught up in your love affair.

'Heavenly Creatures' Shot By Rene Vaile

From Oyster #104 — The Exposed Issue!

'Age Ain't Nothing But A Number' Starring Meghan Collison

From Oyster 104: The Exposed Issue — on sale now!

Andy Warhol Works Recovered From Ancient Floppy Disk

Modern art loving computer nerds strike graphic gold.

Oyster Fashion: 'Gimme The Loot' Shot By Asger Carlsen

From Oyster #104 — The Exposed Issue.

Beyoncé Criticises Standards Of Beauty In 'Pretty Hurts' Video

Co-starring albino supremo Shaun Ross and Harvey MF Keitel

Watch: Neneh Cherry 'Everything'

Frenetic dancing in B+W.

Born In 94: Charlotte Best — Gets Paid To Beat Up People

Shot by Gadir Rajab in Oyster 104: The Exposed Issue.

Oyster Diary: Coachella IRL

"The woman with fake boobs is now wearing a platinum breast plate with 6 breasts on it. Green lasers shoot out of each teat..."

Interview: Kelis On Nostalgia, Furbies & FOOD

"It's not some masterminded, intricate plan."

Oyster Playlist: House Party Edition

Long weekend P.A.R.T.Y. Plus win a prize pack you can drink!