May 04, 2010 12:00AM

The Rebel Beach Gang Leader

Stolen Girlfriends Club SS10

Backstage photos by Hobo

A model at Stolen Girlfriends Club bites a white feather...

Models congregate at the end of the runway before the show.

A model swishes her hair playfully backstage.

A male model wears a bold, head-to-toe print.

A model gets her hair braided backstage.

A model poses against the clothes racks, wearing a high waisted black skirt and a printed top with exaggerated shoulders.

A male and female model are lined-up and ready to strut their stuff on the runway.

A model leans against an empty clothes rack in a dress/outfit that's partly printed, partly red and partly white.

A male model stands on a clothes rack wearing a white collared shirt tucked into bi-colour orange and black shorts, with a black leather jacket.

A printed, summery dress teamed with preppy white socks under black open-toe shoes and a printed black and white bandana.

A long-haired male model casts a sideways glance backstage, wearing a black spotted top with tucked into geometric-print shorts.

A female model with smokey eye make-up and nude lipstick rocks a black and white bandana.

A smokey-eyed waif leers from beneath an oversized white hooded jumper.

Priscillas model Lewis Grant smoulders backstage in a black dinner jacket, leg tats exposed.

A cute male model with a preppy haircut peak-a-boo's from an empty clothes rack, wearing a long sleeve top in bold, geometric print.