Jun 03, 2014 5:24PM

Thistle Brown x Zara Mirkin x Lili Sumner

Shooting the designer's second collection.
The times I get to spend in New Zealand with (designer and friend) Thistle Brown are limited these days. The few days we have together we drive, swim and camp. Being so far from the people you love is hard - but it's really cool when you are together. 
My love for Thistle Brown and everything he is and creates always grows — what a talented beautiful boy. His muse and our dear friend Lili Sumner had a couple days in NZ with us over summer and we got together to shoot his second collection. In a place as teenagers we drunk beers and lit bonfires. See it above. 
Photography/Words: Zara Mirkin
Stylist/Designer: Thistle Brown
Model: Lili Sumner @ Chic