Feb 10, 2014 5:02PM

'Tokyo Kids' Shot By Gavriel Maynard

Oyster contributor and all-around legend Gavriel Maynard has been in Tokyo recently, exploring, partying and making friends with Tokyo kids. He shot a few of his favourites for us, and shared a little of his experience:
"It is impossible to explain Tokyo in a sentence. It's a city of contradiction. Full of faded days and neon nights — gentle silence and never ending noise. It can go from total chaos to complete order in seconds, plus you can fucking smoke cigarettes inside! The people - some of the nicest I've ever met, the fashion -  the best I've ever seen and easily the best toilets anywhere in the world (google it.) I rounded up some cool kids I'd met in Harajuku and shot them in my apartment, in their own clothes just being themselves. Thank you to all of them - Momo, Guppy, Manami, Kosuke, Tomohiro, D.Asa, Hirari, Bob, Takuya, Mayu and Yuu."
Photos/Words: Gavriel Maynard