Apr 28, 2016 4:43PM

Travel Diary: Gavriel Maynard's New York

Subway, everyday.

Professional photo guy Gavriel Maynard went to NYC recently and he came back with a lot of memories. Here are the people and things that he saw Uptown, Downtown and all around town, plus an original poem inspired by his travels. Thanks, Gav!

Big Apple, big buildings,
Big city, big dreams.
Central Park, after dark,
Run wild, run free. 

Haters, pro skaters,
Wall Street bankers, are wankers.

Brooklyn, pizza slice,
Chinatown, fried rice.
Seinfeld, Supreme,
Halloween, Big Gay Ice Cream.

Downtown, Uptown,
Subway, everyday. 

Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Tribe, and Biggie,
Dylan, Lou Reed, Warhol and Edie,

Rats, cats,
East Village brats, 

New York zoo, I love you.

Photography & poem: Gavriel Maynard

Lucy Jones