Aug 31, 2016 11:42AM

Tyler, The Creator Is (Finally) Getting His Own Legit TV Show

Telly bomb.

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained, 'cause loveable rapscallion Tyler, The Creator is about to get his own Viceland TV show. We don't know many deets about the show just yet, but it will reportedly be based off of a show from Tyler's Golf Media app, and comes from Whalerock Industries (the guys who made the Kardashian's mobile apps). Keen. 

Tyler recently changed his Twitter handle to @tylerthecreator, from the ~slightly~ more NSFW @fucktyler, explaining at Afropunk 2016 that it was for reasons of expanding his empire.

"My stock just went up because of that name change," he said. "How can I contact corporations, like 'yo invest a bunch of money in me.' Oh yeah, my name has this in it. First impression is automatically out the window." True. 

The enterprising rapper is a proven natural in front of the camera. He made Eleven from Stranger Things' favourite snack, Eggos, on the greatest effing cooking show of all time (Odd Future's words not ours). 

And played millions of different characters on OF's lol-fest Loiter Squad, here's some highlights: 

Ready 4 it. 

Photo: @feliciathegoat

Madeleine Woon