Aug 22, 2011 12:00AM

Want to Interview Health?

You could be in Oyster issue #95!

Hello, faithful reader! At this very moment, the Oyster team are beavering away at their October/November issue – and this is where you come in! We've decided to create a new section of the magazine, where you (yes you!) can ask questions of a special guest. This issue the special guest is LA-based band HEALTH. Apart from making excellent music...

...HEALTH also happen to have one of our favourite Twitter accounts. Why?

It's entertaining:

It's educational:

It's vaguely fashion-related:

You can ask HEALTH anything – think of it as an advice column, if you will. Here are some example questions:

– I think my boyfriend is cheating on my with my twin sister. What should I do?
– When I Googled you to find images for this post, I mostly got pictures of energy bracelets. Have you ever used them and, if so, how would you rate the experience out of ten?

Send your questions to (or on Twitter @oystermag) by midnight on Monday 22 August, wherever you are in the world. We'll choose the best and ask them for you – and even if you don't make it into the magazine, we'll put some on the web too.