Apr 14, 2016 6:56AM

Watch Amandla Stenberg's Debut Short Film, It's Dope

True legend.
Girl we love to love, Amandla Stenberg is hell clever. She was ballsy enough to call Kylie out when she blew it, joined a crucial art movement, she penned a graphic novel, she made an EP with her BFF, and made a history project for school that blew our minds. Just casually.
Not showing any signs of slowing down, Amandla has just released her first short film — which was actually her application to the NYU film course she's currently doing. The entire thing was written, produced, shot, directed and edited by her. Can you even imagine what she'll be able to do by the time she graduates?!
Titled Blue Girls Burn Fast, the film has some good lola and tense moments. It's a runaway teen story, complete with Sonic Youth shirt. It's also ripe with the issues that Amandla works so hard to bring attention to, and full of female friendship power. It's dope.

Hayley Morgan