Oct 21, 2016 4:54AM

Watch And Weep As Chance The Rapper And Alicia Keys Perform 'Blessings'

Ur boy Chance the Rapper and ur girl Alicia Keys belted out a truly lush 'Blessings' duet at the Keep a Child Alive’s 13th annual Black Ball charity concert. It goes without saying that it was phenom.
The track comes from Chance's Coloring Book, and he was heaps stocked to be able to have a crack at it on stage with Alicia. According to Consequence of Sound, Chance said the experience was "surreal" and at one point said "I can't even act like I can sing with you, Alicia." Give yourself some credit crew, your pipes go hard.
Thanks to some legendary fans we can all witness the meeting of these two gods and pretend we were there for a few stilted minutes.

Lovin @chancetherapper and @aliciakeys mash up! #kcablackball

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