Apr 19, 2016 11:20AM

Watch: Jaden & Willow Smith x Gypsy Sport's Interactive Dance Video

Zen out of ten.

Future leaders Jaden and Willow Smith got the call to soundtrack Gypsy Sport's SS16 campaign recently, and it's resulted in some very palatable listening. The two modern day philosophers up the zen ante by somewhere in the vicinity of a million chakras for the label's new campaign video. 

Willow promises we're all super beautiful and that we can hug the moon if we want to, and with her hazy/semi-sedated vocals, we're inclined to agree. Jaden also does the bliss thing, rapping about snoozing and boozing and cruising (i.e. all our favourite 'ings'). 

The campaign's visuals are very much in line with the vibe of the song, with highly admirable body contortion/contempo dancing going down next to a gently trickling creek. Let it speak to your soul below: 

Brb, off to see a moon about a hug.

Photos: Instagram

Madeleine Woon