Apr 19, 2016 1:09PM

Watch Run the Jewels' Super Hi-Def Video Of Plants & Insects Sexing

Buggin' out.

Run the Jewels have really outdone themselves with their new video for 'Love Again', a track that features Gangsta Boo and more NSFW lyrics than you can poke a... stick at. 

In the David Attenborough-approved clip, plants and insects get it on in heaps of different positions while Killer Mike and El-P drop the very R-rated lyrics. 

The sexually explicit clip is simultaneously way too dirrty to clean its act up and so, so brilliant — just check that Planet Earth-worthy camera work. One remarkably perceptive YouTube commenter, King Xerecole, sums it up pretty aptly by saying: "This song does in 4 minutes what Fifty Shades of Grey tries to do in 3 novels and a movie." Fiddy shades of lol, mate. 

PS: If you're wondering why you had any pre-existing anxieties about bug fornication going into this, it can probably be linked back to that time Buffy's hot substitute Biology teacher turned into a giant praying mantis, and tried to bite her virgin student's heads off during sex. Regretfully, it's something we'll #neverforget. 

Photo: YouTube 

Madeleine Woon