Sep 11, 2013 3:19PM

Watch: The Internet 'Dontcha'

Delicious funk c/o OFWGKTA's side project.

Fancy a spot of funk on your Wednesday afternoon? The Internet (as in, Odd-Future's side project, not the world wide web) have just revealed their first single 'Dontcha' from the upcoming Feel Good, and it does exactly what funk is supposed to: makes one want to move. 

With perfected R&B sensibility, Syd Tha Kid croons syrupy things pertaining to romance. The danceable track is polished and clean, which is exactly what the video is, too: crisp in B&W and silky smooth. 

Wondering how king of crass, Tyler, The Creator (who writes songs about "…GUNSHOTS YEAH ITS ABOUT A DRUGDEALER TURNED KILLER HAHA ITS FUN") and Syd Tha Kid belong to the same collective? Us too. 

Feel Good is due for release on September 24.