Jul 21, 2014 9:40AM

Why Did Beyonce Instagram A 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Teaser?

Gird your loins.
Need someone to spruik your movie? Ask Beyonce! The singer/world-runner known for dropping visual albums without warning has just Instagram-dropped a Fifty Shades of Grey film teaser without warning. Yay! What does Beyonce have to do with the film? She's on the soundtrack — a teaser for which she released earlier this year too. The newest trailer-for-the-trailer (so breathy, it sounds like a sexy/alarming asthma attack), has a voice-over that hums a bar of 'Crazy In Love' but other than that, there's no connection.
Based on the (arguably terrible) trilogy by E.L James and starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith's daughter), the film's first full-length trailer will be out later this week. And with the ever-legit Beyonce backing it, people (other than mums) might actually want to watch it now. This is next-level brand/project association and it's kind of genius. But it kind of feels like when a band makes a song about their favourite clothing brand and releases it as a first single.
Then again, this is Beyonce, and it would take a miracle for her to be seen as anything less than infallible at this point. And you know she don't advertise for free. Wouldn't be surprised if that spot on her Instagram blew a chunk of the whole film's budget. 

Photo: Mason Poole/AP