Jun 16, 2015 10:11AM

Winona Ryder To Star In A Supernatural Netflix Series

Dreams do come tru.

90s teen dream Winona Ryder is making her major TV series debut via a Netflix supernatural mystery that can't not be the best show ever. Winona will star alongside David Harbour in a period drama that, according to early reports, also promises to pay homage to 80s classics (Beetlejuice anyone?)

Winona will play the hard-working mother of a boy who has mysteriously gone missing in 1980 Montauk, Long Island. We're imagining a world-weary Lydia Deetz figuring stuff out (and potentially acquiring secret powers) in a vintage Twin Peaks kinda world.

This role will require all the badassness of Veronica.

The street smarts of Corky.

The coolness with death/dark thangs of Lydia Deetz.

And the pure magic of Kim.

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones