Sep 11, 2011 12:00AM

Wooooo Mag! Party! NYC!

We went, we partied, we interviewed.

We don't like to play favourites here at Oyster, but if we had to pick a team it would be Team Crombie. We grilled our star writer the day after the launch of Wooooo Magazine's seventh issue. (Note to Jason: we are up to issue #95 - you stop throwing launch parties after a while....)

Alice: Are you hung over?
Jason: No!

Was your party everything you dreamed it would be?
Yes. It was a perfect evening.

What was the highlight for you?
Probably the bit when I realised the guys at 42Below Vodka - who sponsored the event - had made punch the same colour as the new issue. They called it Wooooo Punch. It was delicious. Thanks Paul!

If you could have had anyone in the world attend, who would it have been?
James Franco. Wait - he was there! For about ten minutes.

Tell us about issue #7.
It's the best issue we've ever done. Reads pretty good, looks even better, and there's a really broad selection of interview subjects; something for everyone. It's also thicker than usual (that's what she said).

Ohhh, snap. Who were you most excited about featuring?
Everyone, but my favourite interview was with Grace Slick. She was awesome: amazing stories about hooking up with Jim Morrison and sneaking LSD into the White House. Alex Olson was a funny one, and Maura B. Jacobson was great too. She helped me with my crossword.

Who would be your all-time cover star?
The one we have for our next issue! Can't say. Nice try though, Alice.

What is the biggest myth about making your own magazine?
That it's difficult. It's only hard if you're lazy and stupid... like me.

If you ever had the opportunity to meet Joan Didion what would you say to her?
I HAVE MET HER! And I said, "What's up?" She said, "Not much, what's up with you?" Then we made out.

How did you decide how many Os to use in Wooooo?
Four seemed cheap; six too extravagant; five is perfect.

Photography: Yimmy Yayo